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Welcome to University of Limerick Computer Society website

This website holds all the information you will need about the society from joining up to using the services on it. In the unlikely case that something is missing, contact details are provided.

The Computer Society provides many services to students and staff of the University of Limerick as well as to the UL Students Union and its Clubs and Societies. Services include web sites, virtual hosting, news, e-mail, DNS, mailing lists, IRC, FTP, mirrors and databases.

These are the last three news items from the Computer Society. Click here for older news.

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Skycon Conference

Submitted on: 23rd September 2012

Skycon, the Computer Society's 3rd Conference on Computers & IT is being held October 6th & 7th in the University of Limerick

With 20 speakers including:

  • Randall Munroe, Creator of xkcd
  • Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu
  • Liam Ryan, Managing Director SAP Ireland
  • IBM, HP, Red Hat, VMware
  • Speakers from 3 games development companies.
Skycon is a 2 day long, weekend conference being held October 6th & 7th. For more info please go to the event webpage

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LAN Party

Submitted on: 30th June 2012

As part of the Brocon Games & Anime Convention, the Computer Society is helping to run a LAN party in the Student's Union.

We'll be playing stuff like TeamFortress 2, Minecraft, Tribes Ascend, League of Legends & more!


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Downtime and Intermittent Outage - 26th April,2012

Submitted on: 20th April 2012

There will be some downtime and intermittent outage for the Skynet Cluster this Thursday, 26th April between 7pm and 11pm.

IRC and MySQL are moving to new VMs and dist-upgraded. Calculon (/home) is being dist-upgraded also. Failover firewall is being tested.

If there are any queries or issues, just let us know. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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